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Montreal Accident Repair
It happens to the best of us, at Lazaros Auto Body we have heard all the stories that have ended up with customers requiring auto body collision repairs.“We were sitting at a light and someone hit my car”, “I hit a patch of ice and before I knew it the car slid out of control into a lamp post”, “My car was at the mall and someone keyed the entire side of the car”.No matter what the situation or damage to your vehicle we have the team to handle your collision repairs no matter how major or minor.  Auto body repairs are not as simple as throwing some putty and spray paint.  Proper collision repairs restore the structural integrity or your car.  Simple things like improperly installed windshields can compromise your safety in an accident which is why it is important to trust in a company that understand the type of body shop services required to bring your car back to OEM specifications.

Montreal Auto Frame Repairs
If your car requires a frame repair it is likely you were in a major accident.  Unibody frame repairs require a special machine called a “Car Frame Straightening Machine” or “Frame Straightener”.  This is the essential part in collision repair system equipment and is necessary to not just pull the car back to the original length, but sometimes to straighten side impacts you need a 360 degree pulling capability.  Major accident damage can be repaired with proper frame alignment but improper frame repairs can lead to difficulties aligning wheels and odd wear and tear on tires.

Auto Insurance Claims
Lazaros Auto Body has been dealing with auto insurance claims for over 25 years.  Not every claim is cut and dry, it is important to use a body repair shop that has relationships with the claims adjusters.  Many times once work has begun collateral damage to panels and parts are discovered that could not be seen on initial inspection and the insurance adjuster must be called back to inspect the problem and allocate additional funds.  The 1st steps in a car accident claim involve either arranging a tow to the garage or a call to your insurance company to inform them that there was an accident so they can send an adjuster to evaluate the damage.  Depending on your coverage some clients are able to get replacement rental cars and others we supply a courtesy car. From there our friendly staff work to bring your car back to it’s original condition or better.

  •    Sample Car Insurance Companies
  •    Allstate Canada
  •    Aviva Canada
  •    Belair Direct
  •    Desjardins Car Insurance
  •    Intact Assurance
  •    La Capitale
  •    TD Insurance

After Collision Towing

So your car was just in an accident and is immovable, or you brought it home only to discover it will not start the next day.  Not a problem, you have several options.  When the tow truck driver comes as them to tow the car to Lazaros Auto Body located at:

Lazaros Autobody, 8291 Chemin Royden, Mont-Royal, QC H4P 2J8

You can also contact us us directly and we will arrange towing to our facility:

Telephone: (514) 994-6391 or email us at

Please let us know if you have a rear wheel drive, 4WD, AWD, or motorcycle as these vehicles typically require flatbed towing or special considerations.

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