Headlight Repair

Montreal Headlight Repair
Au manufacturers these days are using plastics in their headlights in order to reduce weight and increase fuel economy.  Over time these plastics can require headlight restoration due to pitting and oxidation from day to day wear.   Headlight Restoration is typically achieved by using a compound to polish the headlight and remove the microabrasions.  It is an inexpensive way to bring your headlights back to a functional a clear display.  However sometimes headlight polishing is not enough, when your headlight is cracked or completely yellowed at this point we recommend complete headlight replacement

Montreal Headlight Replacement
Lazaros Autobody can completely replace your headlights with aftermarket or OEM replacement parts.  Once replaced the view is as good as new, giving your car a new appearance and helping the road make an appearance as well!

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