Dent Repairs

Paintless Dent Removal
Removal of a dent is not an easy affair, it takes a craftsman with a steady hand, the right tools and years of experience.  Luckily Lazaros Auto Body has the team with all these skills and more.Car dents and dings are a fact of life, especially if you park in a lot every day.  For minor repairs, if the dent is in a reachable area, we tend to suggest a less invasive technique to smooth out the dent.

Removing Dents
Removing dents from your car is a difficult job made easy by our staff.  1st they check to make sure they are able to access the dent from the back.  Once this has been confirmed, our artisan uses specially crafted tools to slowly smooth the dent out, a centimeter at a time.  This is the best technique to recover rom hail damage, or door dings at the mall.

Ding & Scratch Repairs
Sometimes we just cannot access the back of the ding or there is a deep scratch on your car.  Not to worry, our team of body shop staff can sand, fill and paint dings and scratches so your car looks factory new.  Why not take advantage of our detailing services to buff the car once you are painting one panel and get back a car that looks and shines like new.

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