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Unless you drive a Saturn with thermoplastic body panels, most cars suffer from the Montreal winters.  Potholes are not the only item on our fabled streets that damage our automobiles, salt is the biggest factor in rust on your car.  Scratch repairs to your automobile before winter are of paramount importance if you want to avoid having to replace costly body panels like your rocker panels and quarter panels.  When a scratch on your car is left untreated the road salt corrodes the exposed metal and eventually eats through the metal panel itself.  If you want to keep your car, proper maintenance includes either repainting the scratched panel or at least covering the scratch to inhibit exposure to the elements.

Montreal Auto Paint Jobs
Rock chips, scratches, dents, dings and the sun can take a harsh toll on your car over the years.  A smart car owner will realize at one point that an full paint restoration of their car is required if they wish to keep it visually appealing.  You can get years more out of a car by investing renewing the paint on your car.  Lazaros Auto Body can be trusted to restore the original paint color of your car or even change the color to your dream shade.  Full car paint jobs can be done from a frame up restoration or we can remove all the accessories on your car to get it just right.  With years of experience applying clear coats, and more difficult Imron with metal flake or the latest matte finish with a flat paint

  • Clear Coat paint finish
  • Matte or flat paint finishes
  • DuPont Imron paint
  • Metal flake finishes

Automotive Rust repairs
So your have a hole in your rocker panel or the rust has perforated through your wheel well.  Not a problem for us!  We specialize in rust repairs using metal patches and body panel replacements.   What is a metal patch you ask? A metal patch is when we cut out the area where there is rust and then place a new piece of metal over the hole and weld it into place.  Some body shops will cut corners and replace the area removed with putty or fibreglass but experience has taught us that this quick and dirty fix ends up having rust come back within 6 months.  Either replace the panel altogether or metal patch the area to get a permanent fix.

Motorcycle Paint Jobs Montreal
It’s winter.  The motorcycle in the garage is looking a little worse for wear.  Why not remove the panels and bring them over to Lazaros for a refresh, gas tank dent repairs or even a complete upgrade and customization of the paint job to customize your bike.  Over the years we have repaired “unrepairable” parts and customized hundreds of motorcycles.  Feel free to drop by or email photos or your baby for a free estimate.

Auto Detailing Montreal
Proper aesthetic care of your car can add years of life to your car and even make you want to keep it longer.  Car detailing involves the attention to detail around the exterior and interior of the car.  Lazaros Auto Body…the answer is in the name, no one knows car detailing like an Auto Body specialist.  Automotive restoration techniques can be a simple car wax, or can be a base up restoration using wet sanding techniques to coax the best luster out of a paint that has been oxidized over years of sun exposure.  Let’s not forget construction headaches that leave tar or cement stuck to your paint and needing a delicate touch in order to remove the material without damaging the paint of your car.  Auto detailing can also involve leather treatment, buffing, interior shampoo or just a good vacuum of the wrappers left over by the kids in your car.

  • Automotive Detailing
  • Buffing
  • Polishing
  • Compound
  • Wet Sanding
  • Wax
  • Leather treatment
  • Upholstery shampooing
  • Carpet shampoo

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