Lease Return Repairs

Montreal Lease Return Repairs
Lease returns are one of the grey areas and disadvantages to leasing an automobile.  Damages and above “normal wear and tear” can lead to excessive fees upon return of your vehicle.  Take the guesswork out and minimize your return costs by doing your repairs prior to the return delivery.

Lease Return Damage Appraisal
Before returning the vehicle a dealer lease return damage appraisal inspection should be scheduled.  This typically cannot occur less than 45 days prior to returning the automobile. The dealer will then give you a list of damages that they consider above and beyond normal wear and tear, sometimes they will even provide you an estimate of the repair costs.  Once you have this list Lazaros Auto Body can reduce your expense by repairing the defects at a much lower then dealer cost.

Auto Lease Repairs in Montreal
The repairs that must be effected upon returning auto leases in the Montreal area, are typically minor fixes as a larger repairs are covered by insurance.  Typical lease return repairs include dings, dents, scratches, scuffed bumpers, cracked windshields and rust caused by neglecting scratches or paint chips.  The repairs are usually effected in 1-3 days.

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