Montreal Windshield Replacement and Repairs
Windshields are an important part of the structural integrity of your car.  Windshield cracks are good reason for complete replacement.  Replacements can be requested via an insurance claim or purchase directly by our clients for those concerned about making a claim on their policy.

Montreal Windshield Repairs
Today’s technology makes it possible to repair windshields that in the past would have required replacement.  So that begs the question “when should I repair and when should I replace my windshield?”.  Windshield repair is dependant on location, size and severity of the windshield chip.   Our technicians can typically fix up to quarter sized chips and windshield cracks up to 3 inches.  Beyond this we recommend complete replacement of the windshield as even the best techniques can sometimes leave a trace in the windshield, each crack has to be evaluated separately.

Montreal Rear Window replacement
It happens less frequently but it does happen.  Rear windows break due to various reasons.  Accidents being the primary reason but vandalism is a large factor is cars having their rear windows replaced.  Not a problem for us through!  Bring in your car and our staff will vacuum out the glass debris and make sure that the rear window is installed good as new!

Montreal Side Window replacement
Smash and grab theft are far too common in the Montreal area and one of the biggest reasons that we have to replace side windows on automobiles.  Side windows are a little more time intensive as it requires disassembly of the door in order to replace the window…but no frets!  It’s not your problem anymore, leave us your car and when you come back it will be good as new.  We can even handle the insurance claim portion for you.

Windshield Insurance Claims Montreal
With years of experience in the field of Auto Body Lazaros Autobody has existing relationships with all the major insurance providers.  We will represent you and get you a fair and equitable replacement or repair of your Windshield, side window or rear window on your car to bring it back to OEM specifications.

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